400Hz e-GPU

400Hz e-GPU

The advancement of technology has led to the development of aircraft solutions that are not only efficient but also have longer battery life, faster recharge time, and smarter connectivity. One such solution is the 400 Hz eGPU aircraft solution. This solution boasts up to 11 hours of operation resulting in 14 turnarounds and a recharge time of 1.30 hours. In addition, it has been designed to work smarter and is fully connected, with Wi-Fi, 5G, integration in customer networks, and monitoring systems. The solution has also been designed for easy operation and maintenance, making it a total solution with a power hub, optional regular maintenance contracts, and leasing services. The operating temperature range of -30 to +56°C ensures it can be used in a wide range of environments, and it offers greater overall efficiency from mains to aircraft.

Our 400Hz e-GPU Solution

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400 Hz-eGPU

Dabico 400Hz eGPU is a battery powered 400Hz / 90kva converter used to power parked aircrafts at

Key Benefits that comes with DABICO Products

Charge faster, Last longer and Work smarter

Charge faster

from 1,30 hours

Last longer

up to 11 hours of operation resulting in 14 turnarounds for standard Code C Aircraft in single charge.

Work smarter

CO2 and NOX emissions free + low noise

The emission-free 400Hz-eGPU will replace 400Hz diesel generators GPU and help airports become CO2 and NOX emission neutral and noise free.

Human Health

CO2 and NOX emissions free at the point of use and virtually noise- free, therefore much better working environments for ground staff:

Buy or Subscribe

Smarter e-GPU can be bought as an asset or can be subscribed.

Flexible Monthly Subscription can Include:

Subscribe today by messaging your Account Manager

Dabico 400Hz-eGPU saves costs and fossil energy

Faster Charging & Longer Discharging

Discharging time depends on the load of the aircraft.

140kWh battery pack

210kWh battery pack

Key Data

Benefits for Operators

Benefits for Service

Connectivity; technical data of connectivity

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