DABICO supports the airport sector to improve capacity and connectivity, reduce environmental impact, and improve service for airlines and passengers. DABICO systems ensure that critical aircraft services are available directly at the gate, guaranteeing that aircraft are serviced quickly and efficiently.

We support efforts to reduce environmental impact by engineering turnkey solutions for contact gates that simplify aircraft servicing and ensure that aircraft APUs are switched off as soon as possible. DABICO offers decades of expertise in providing comprehensive civil aircraft services in 400HzPCA, Fueling and Boarding Bridges.

Our Gate Solution

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E3 Gate

E3 Gate, developed through close cooperation with customers and industry bodies, is a fully integrated gate design that is energy efficient and minimises the use of APU.

E3 Gate improves operational efficiency by providing 400Hz power, PCA, wet services and fuelling services via in-ground pits; the solution is being introduced by a growing number of airports.

Key Benefits that comes with DABICO Products


Design and Engineering

CADS specialises in Airport Electrical & Mechanical Design Services


DABICO has been at the forefront of innovative 400Hz systems for 50 years

Pre-conditioned Air

DABICO has led the development of aircraft ground cooling systems for five decades


Service is a critical component of DABICO’s approach to its customers


DABICO leads in aviation fuel hydrant solutions since their development

Aero & Seaport Bridges

Dabico offers patented and sustainable boarding bridge solutions

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