Fernweh Group Overview


Fernweh, is a leader in generating alpha returns through our unique 3-part strategy. We focus on North America’s mid-and small-cap industrial technology sector, which has a stable growth outlook and an attractive industry structure. With over 4000 companies in this space, we have identified many companies with reasonable valuations and a recurring need for world-class management expertise.

Our engaged investor/engaged operator model sets us apart. We combine capital with intellectual property and expertise in both the industry and functional areas. Additionally, we have top-tier advisors who are C-suite/board-level executives of key institutions. Our structure ensures flexibility to deploy a range of investment models, tailoring our engagement with targets based on their needs and lifecycle stage, which also ensures proprietary deal flow.

We are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients through our deep industry expertise, unique investor/operator model, and flexible investment approach.

Visit us: https://www.fernweh.com/

Fernweh Group Corporation – Leadership Team

Nick Santhanam

Chief Executive Officer

Siddarth Madhav

President & Chief Strategy Officer

Shekhar Varanasi

President & Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Flynn

President | General Counsel Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer

Greg Ballou

Chief Information Officer

Pavitra Kandadai

Vice President, Head Of Finance & Accounting

Andrew Varghese

Vice President

Danielle Isbell

Manager, Operations

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